Friday, January 19, 2018

Event Schedule for SAC XIII

Each cycle for the Angel Conference, we start with a series of workshops to get the conversations started. You can see the current workshops at

The deadline for applying for this next round is February 22nd. Our goal is to gather more than 40 companies and 40 Angel Investors.  After we meet the requirements for starting off the program, we meet weekly to step forward with understanding the companies that have applied.

The general program looks like this:


Jan 9th  - Chris Devore - Ask Me Anything Jan 16th - Pitch Deconstruction - Elaine Werffeli , Javier Soto , Allen Nieman , Jan 23rd - Deal Terms - Lucas MichelsJan 30th -  Getting ready for taking funding - Bill Bryant, David Grampa, Elaine Werfelli, February 1st - Pitch Deconstruction at Riveter Elaine Werffeli ,Javier Soto,David Grampa,Martina Welkhoff, Carlee Price February 6th - Bryan Brewer - Minimum Fundable Company February 13th - Angel 101 -  Milt Sigelman, February 20th - Angel Panel - Alison Shaw,

Feb 22 - Deadline for companies - Goal 40+ companies apply , 40 investors signed

Feb 27 - First meeting/review (Investors Only )Mar 6 - Select Quarter Finalists(Investors Only ) - select 24 quarter finalistsMar 13 - 3 minute pitch (investors and Quarterfinalists)  12Mar 20 - 3 minute pitch (investors and Quarterfinalists)  12Mar 27 - Select Semi Finalists(Investors Only ) select 12 semi FinalistsApr 3 - 10 minute pitch (Investors and Semifinalists)Apr 10 - 10 Minute pitch (Investors and Semifinalists)Apr 17 - Select Finalists(Investors Only ) Select 6 finalistsApr 24 - Due Diligence(Investors Only )May 1 - Due Diligence(Investors Only )May 8 - Due Diligence(Investors Only )May 15 - Mixer(Investors and finalists)

May 16 - Final Event (public)  12:30 to 6:30 

The Entrepreneurs who make it all the way to the finals will have been reviewed several times:

  1. A review of the profile by all the investors and then stack ranked to select the quarter finalists
  2. A 3 minute pitch on either March 13 or March 20th  , with a selection of Semi-finalists on March 27th 
  3. A 10 minute pitch on either April 3 or April 10th , with a finalist selection on April 17th
  4. Then there will be 4 weeks of due diligence, arranged between the due diligence team and the startup. 
For Entprepreneurs who have all their financial and due diligence documents all gathered , a pitch deck put together and practiced, there will be somewhere near 15 hours of work over the course of the program engaging with the due diligence teams.  For those companies which have not put everything together, they will have more work to do. 

For Investors, a couple of the workshops can be helpful , like the Angel 101 workshop. And we recommend getting the book "Angel Investing" By David S. Rose. 

For those people who join into the program as participating investors, they will be spending 40-60 hours over the course of 12 weeks to learn more deeply about the companies and to select the final winner of the program. 

It is not required for a participating investor to attend all of the meetings. It certainly is the case that you get out of the process what you put into it. So regular engagement makes all the difference. 

People who want to attend the event or to be a presenting company should buy a ticket at

The Winner of the Seattle Angel Conference XII is Latchel

The winner for the 12th Seattle Angel Conference was Latchel , property maintentence made easier -

The process of selecting the winner of the conference involves a large amount of engagement between the prospective companies and the participating investors. There is paperwork to gather for the due diligence process, interviews , pitches and Q+A sessions to help everyone come to a deeper understanding of the opportunity.

You can see the final pitch at the conference for the Latchel here:

A deep thank you to Microsoft Research for sponsoring the Seattle Angel Conference XII process. It made for a great program.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Seattle Angel Conference Tipping Point for 2016 Winner Hubb

As we look back at all the amazing things that have happened for Hubb over the past year, it's clear to us that winning Seattle Angel Conference IX was the tipping point.

The $155k in funding was awesome—it helped us to build out a marketing and sales team and gave us great PR—but even more important was the opportunity to work with and get to know the angel investors. As winners of the Seattle Angel Conference, we suddenly had credibility with other investors and potential clients. This is so crucial for a start-up to be able to grow and we’re incredibly thankful.

The actual act of preparing our presentation was also incredibly helpful because it forced us to really know our stuff and make sure we had a bulletproof business plan. Finding and addressing potential issues while preparing for the conference saved us a lot of stress further down the road. In addition, getting our plan and pitch airtight and winning the Seattle Angel Conference generated tremendous momentum for us—by the end of the year, we'd raised $4 million, won the Bend Venture Conference and the Tom Holce Startup Stage Award from the Oregon Entrepreneur Network, and doubled our revenue from the previous year.

Our growth has not slowed in 2017, and the quality of clients we've signed up and who continue to expand their contracts excites us the most; we're honored to count companies like Microsoft, Tableau, Atlassian, Intel, RedHat, TechCrunch, BIO, Citrix, TDAmeritrade, Linux, SaaSter, MongoDB, Mulesoft, and Nuntanix as clients.

It's been an exciting ride and it's only going to get better. The Seattle Angel Conference is where it all began and we’re so grateful for the opportunity they gave us.

Hubb gives event professionals a better way to manage meetings and tame the chaos of event content management. Created by veteran event managers, Hubb’s platform automates the complex workflows and tasks required to collect, manage, and market event content, and results in huge time savings, far less stress, and the ability to get event content to market a significantly faster. Built for the API economy, Hubb allows event professionals to build best-in-breed solutions with seamless integrations, customized for the specific needs of their events. Hubb is based in Vancouver, WA. Learn more at

Bonnie Foley-Wong - SAC XII Keynote Speaker: Angel Investing is a Marathon, Smart Angels Don't Sprint

 Our 12th Seattle Angel Conference is on November 15th, 2017. We are excited to have Bonnie Foley-Wong coming as our keynote presenter.

 After years of financing multi-million dollar transactions, working for European investment banks, investor and entrepreneur, Bonnie Foley-Wong returned to Canada, launched an angel fund called Pique Fund, and began investing in startups. She's learned a lot in the past five years including the value of experiential due diligence, how most relationships shouldn't be rushed, and the difference it made for herself and others to just get started and practice angel investing. She'll share some of her stories including how she invested in a jewelry designer-turned-tech CEO, why 2016 was the year of "no new deals", and how to get an investment done in 3 weeks, in her frank talk about angel investing and how she's in it for the long haul.

Bonnie is the founder of Pique Ventures and founding investor in Pique Fund. She is also the CFO of specialty financial services firm, Crown NorthCorp Inc., headquartered in Gig Harbor, WA, and author of Integrated Investing: Impact Investing with Head, Heart, Body, and Soul. Bonnie helps a diverse community of leaders pursue integrated investing. With over 19 years experience of mobilizing capital for entrepreneurial businesses as a financier, investor, and entrepreneur, Bonnie has financed over $1 billion dollars of alternative investments in Europe and North America. Bonnie is a CPA (Ontario), CA, and CFA charterholder. She has a Bachelor of Mathematics and Master of Accounting from the University of Waterloo. Bonnie presently resides in Vancouver, Canada, with her husband and young daughter.

Bonnie is at @BonnieOWong

Friday, September 8, 2017

What does the timeline for a startup look like for @nwangelconf

On Sept 12th, we will review all the applying companies, stack rank them and then select the quarter finalists. We will also select a coffee ambassador for each company, so that there will be a coffee meeting with each quarter finalist. 

On Sept 19th and Sept 26th, we will hear 3 minute pitches (with slides) from the quarter finalists with a 3 minute Q+A for each company. And then we will select the Semi-Finalists

On October 3rd and October 10th, we will hear 10 minute pitches (with slides) from the semi-finalists with a 10 minute Q+A for each company. 

On October 17th, we will select the Finalists, constitute the due diligence teams and they will start researching each of the finalist companies, including site visits, company team reviews, customer reviews and financial reviews.  This will happen as possible between the due diligence teams and the companies. The investors will continue to meet each Tuesday until November 14th.

On November 14th, there will be a Mixer between all of the teams and all of the investors, so that any last minute details can be discussed and explored. 

On November 15th, the final event will take place. It is scheduled for 12:30 to 6:30. As a startup, please plan to be there early. If you are one of the finalists, the finalists will have a table space that they can put materials to talk to the audience about the company. 

All applying companies have already bought a ticket to the final event and will be able to bring members of their team. Please make sure to register all members who are coming, so we can plan on the event. We will send out complementary codes for all of the co-founders. 

You will want to keep your profile up to date and adjust it as you refine your thinking about your company, regardless of how far you get in this process.

In addition, all of the startups that have applied should get a debriefing meeting with one of the investors after they get out of the running. So every startup that applied should expect to have a sit-down with an investor. All of those should happen before the final event. 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Workshops for Seattle Angel Conference XII

Each cycle for the Seattle Angel Conference, we run a series of workshops. It helps to build a common vocabulary and to help both startups and investors to see if they are in the right space to start the process of engaging in Angel Investing.

We have started using as a way to organize and manage the workshops.

You can find our current set of workshops at

Over the next Month, we have workshops on:

You can get announcements for the workshops by joining the meetup group. As a member, you will get notices about a week before each of the workshops. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Safkan Health wins SAC XI , Bridgecare Finance is Audience Favorite

Seattle Angel Conference XI Winner is Safkan Health
Safkan Health’s mission is  to deliver a safe, cleaner, simpler and more efficient technology for ear care. Safkan Health is led by CEO and founder Sahil Diwan.  The health-focused technology startup earned the winning $145,000 investment grand prize as the result of a group due diligence process over a 12-week period.
Audience Favorite Award:  BridgeCare Finance
The Audience Favorite award went to BridgeCare Finance, a Fintech company providing financing options for childcare and college, and founded by Audra Jung and Jamee Herbert.
About the Competition
The competition consists of a grueling diligence process lasting several months, with an elite group of six finalists being selected from a field of 43 total entrants.  The conference gave the finalists an opportunity to compete for the $145,000 grand prize before an audience of investors and tech leaders.  The May 17th competition was the result of a 12-week due diligence period
“The semiannual Seattle Angel Conference is a first step to engaging in the Angel Investing process. It connects new accredited investors with very early stage companies, “ said John Sechrest, Seattle Angel Conference founder. “The Seattle Angel Conference teaches new accredited investors about Angel Investing by doing a structured Angel Investment; from Vancouver,BC to Portland Oregon.  The finalist companies for SAC XI were a great diverse group of startups, and they all are making great progress.”
“Almost one out of nine people in Seattle are federally qualified to be accredited investors. Seattle Angel Conference is an on-ramp for people to learn how to support and amplify the local startup process,” Sechrest continued.  “The successful startups we fund today are the employers of tomorrow. We teach people how to invest locally into our northwest communities.”
Since 2012, the conference has trained over 275 first time angel investors, attracted over 800 companies and invested over $2 million dollars in 22 of the participating companies.  
In addition to Safkan Health, the SAC XI finalists included:

Meta Arcade:  Interactive Narrative based games
StriveWear:  Muscle fitness monitoring for sports Podcast transcription
Bridgecare Finance:  Financial support for childcare and college

C3 Backflow:  Check valve monitoring and compliance tracking 

The next conference - Seattle Angel Conference XII will be held on the eastside in Redmond on November 15, 2017 -