Past Events

Seattle Angel Conference History

SAC IV- Nov 2013

Winner: Booktrope  $205,000 

Booktrope is a Seattle based company that has been building their web based book publishing model and technologyfor two years. Their mission is to reinvent book publishing, using web-­‐‑based tools forbook development, production and marketing.

Second Investment:  LaserMotive  $55,000

a Seattlestartup who delivers electricity via light to critical assets

The other four finalists who pitched were DiscussIO, offering simple market research,
connecting companies to panelists; Suncrest using advanced hydroponics to grow and
market local lettuce year round; graZie Mobile, providing bar and restaurant apps that
entice and incentive customer engagement and Homeschool Technical Apparel, creating
the most durable highly breathable outerwear to keep you warm and dry.

SAC III- May 2013


Daily Dollar  (now Piper)  $165,000

www.dailydollar.comSeattle Angel Conference Invesment Daily Dollar  
DailyDollar was selected as the winner of its third investment competition, held in Seattle, WA,  at the HUB. DailyDollar is a Seattle-based company that began 9 months ago, propelled by participating with Startup Next.  Their mission is to eliminate the paper receipt.  They are working with merchants to get consumer receipts sent straight to the cloud. DailyDollar will receive a $165,000 angel award investment. - See more at:m

The following companies were selected by the investment team to deliver ten-minute business plan pitches:
  • Phytelligence logoPhytelligence – Biotech; Pullman WA  (
  • A high-tech provider of genetic services and hard-to-get plants with superior vigor, uniformity and value for commercial growers & nurseries

  • Nimia - Software; Seattle WA ( A platform where Premium Media Producers Store, Manage and Directly License Motion Picture Assets.

  • Guide Analytics - Services; Bellevue WA

  • Simple, affordable service that helps people with congestive heart failure stay in their homes - and out of the hospital.

  • Daily Dollar  Web Services; Seattle WA

  • Partnering with merchants to get your receipts sent straight to the cloud. Available when you want it, gone when you don't. It is time to lose the shoebox and stop the wallet receipt bulge. DailyDollar’s enterprise platform connects receipt data across existing merchant POS silos for use by both marketers and consumers.

  • Staging and Design Network -
  • Web Services; Online member based home furnishings network with some of the newest features available in the market for it's targeted members.

  • Shift Labs -
    Medical Devices; Seattle WA
  • Works with Makers and Hackers to build simple, inexpensive, human-centered devices that improve health and wellness in global markets.

SAC II- Dec 2012

Winner:  exoLabs

ExoLabs brings collaboration to the science classroom by connecting and sharing your classroom microscope with the students iPads. With 2500 schools using iPads for classwork, they see a growing opportunity to make more engaging and collaborative science. 


The Six Finalists for SAC II were:
  • Corengi 
  • Redpoint International
  • Exo Labs
  • Suncrest Farms
  • Talk to the Manager

SAC I- May 2012

WinnerILLUMAGEAR Inc  May 2012. $100,000 to be invested in the winner of the conference.

Max Baker, CEO,

Max Baker leveraged his strong passion for the construction industry to found ILLUMAGEAR, a company focused on building quality products that illuminate workers and consumers making them safer and more prepared in any environment. ILLUMAGEAR’s initial product is The Halo LightTM, a 360-degree light system worn at head-level that produces a ring of light around the wearer enabling him or her to see and be seen in all directions at all times, especially in low light conditions.