The Seattle Angel Conference is a team effort of many volunteers who are interested in educating new Angel Investors an thereby expanding the opportunities for startups in the Puget Sound and Greater Seattle  community. If you are interested in contributing to project as a volunteer or as an organizer, please drop us a note and let us know what you would like to work on.

John Sechrest

John Sechrest started as a software engineer at HP, writing network code for calculators. He is the founder of PEAK Internet services. He spent 5 years as the Economic Development Director of Corvallis Oregon, where he founded the Willamette Angel Conference. He participated in the Oregon Angel Fund. He is working to bring that model of community investing to Seattle with the Seattle Angel Conference. 

Josh Maher

Josh Maher is a passionate supporter of the Seattle startup community. He founded TechCafe (formerly Seattle Lunch 2.0) back in 2007, has provided mentorship, advising, and consulting to numerous startups on product definition, launching, fund raising, and customer development. He has also founded and worked in various capacities for startups. Past and current startups include SafeHarbor Technologies, Decider Technologies (closed), iConclude (sold to HP), IvyTalk, & KStream Media. He continues to engage with early stage companies as an angel investor and advisor.

Keith Laepple   

Keith Laepple is a technology focused angel, seeking investment and engagement opportunities with Pacific Northwest startups. A Seattle Angel Conference participant since 2012, he has participated in five SAC investor funds, and is the assistant LLC manager for this spring's Seattle Angel Conference V. Keith is also a member of the Seattle Alliance of Angels.

Formerly a 22-year manager in operating system product teams at Microsoft, Keith has led teams in engineering program management, partner strategy and evangelism, and business development for PC, mobile, and consumer electronics platforms. 

Brad Carpenter

Brad Carpenter, who currently serves as a CEO of Transparent IO, a start-up in the Software Defined Storage space, has been an active angel investor and mentor for tech entrepreneurs. Prior to supporting the local startup community, Brad served as CEO for Newline Software, after 20 years at Microsoft leading engineering teams for Windows, innovations and incubations for emerging geographies, PC hardware, and Microsoft Surface. Follow him @BradCarpenter.

Katherine Cleland

Katherine Cleland, CEO of ClelandMarketing, and past founder of Choice Solar, is an angel investor, and mentor to start-ups including at UW C4C.  Her specialties are Solar and Semiconductor vertical markets, as well as device and consumer products space plays.  With a background in chemistry and high tech, and an MBA in Marketing and Finance,  Marketing Strategy is her strength.  Katherine is committed to creating a thriving start up community in the Pacific Northwest. She helps technology businesses succeed through facilitating thorough understanding of customers needs, uses, and matching those needs with product lifecycle and whole product solutions at the right price.