Monday, February 11, 2013

Workshop: Making Your Startup Investor Ready - Tolis Dimopoulos

Is your startup set up to be able to take an investment? Tolis Dimopoulos from Sophos Law

When investors are looking at your startup, they are hopefully going down a checklist exploring the different aspects of your startup to see how it shapes up. 
After they have made the decision to invest, there are several due diligence items that they will want to look at. 
Have you pulled together the materials that you need for this conversation? Have you structured things in a way that makes this an easy conversation?

Or do you have things you have been putting off that will complicate the conversation?

Find out at our Free Workshop!
Join Seattle Angel Conference on
Feb. 18, 2013  

11:00 AM to 12:30 PM
at Surf Incubator 
(register at the eventbrite link for map and directions)

Come join Tolis Dimopoulos from Sophos Law explore the question of how to make your startup investor Ready. 
This is an especially important workshop for companies planning to participate in a Demo Day or as part of the Seattle Angel Conference.

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