Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rise of the Angel Investor!

Guest Post:
There has been a rise in angel investing over the past decade, but Seattle has yet to tap anywhere near its potential.  We should be embarrassed that the Northwest doesn't even get a region on the attached map...really, we're only part of the wimpy "other"?  Even the Southeast does better.

Angel Investing is attractive. Putting money away in more traditional risk adverse areas is not giving investors the returns that they got in the past.

Seattle is teeming with talent, and with Geeks and others who have done very well in the big businesses, but are itching to do something new.  Also, doesn't everyone want to be part of the start-up nation?

So how do we get this un-tapped resevoir of angels started in the game?... our Solution is the Seattle Angel Conference.  Low entry stakes, only $5k to buy into the investor pool, and willing Mentors in experienced Angel investors, and a great quality deal flow, with lots of exciting startups looking for seed funding.

If this Sounds perfect, then read on, and then join in the fun.  Start slowly by attending our next event on May 16th, and observe the process, or  jump right in, and talk to us about joining the Investor group LLC and participating in due diligence, which has just started for this round.

 Or if you're a start-up, get your business plan and pitch up to snuff, and get ready to sign up in September for the next conference to be held in November 2013.

-Katherine Cleland  Founder, Angel, Marketer

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