Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Seattle Angel Conference Announces SemiFinalists for May 2013

Congratulations to the Seattle Angel Conference Semi-Finalists for May 16, 2013 Competition:

Phytelligence – Biotech; Pullman WA  (www.phytelligence.com)
A high-tech provider of genetic services and hard-to-get plants with superior vigor, uniformity and value for commercial growers & nurseries

Accelerated Pictures - Software; Redmond, WA
Fast, easy film planning/storyboarding for rapid story iteration within a real time, collaborative filmmaking ecosystem

Saltbox Tech –Web Services; Seattle WA
Helps organizations use data analysis to improve training and employee effectiveness

Giving Trax - Software; Seattle WA (www.givingtrax.com)
Provides businesses a shared-marketplace for giving, engaging employees & customers through matched, collaborative giving.

Ombitron -Software; Seattle, WA (www.ombitron.com)
Provides M2M PaaS.  Providing hardware, software, and cloud services for companies to create products for the Internet of Things

Nimia - Software; Seattle WA (www.nimia.com)
A platform where Premium Media Producers Store, Manage and Directly License Motion Picture Assets

Guide Analytics - Services; Bellevue WA (www.guideanalytics.com)
 Simple, affordable service that helps people with congestive heart failure stay in their homes - and out of the hospital.

okcopay - Web, Seattle WA (www.okcopay.com)
Medical search engine that helps people who pay out-of-pocket for health care find the right doctor at a competitive price.

Daily Dollar - Web Services; Seattle WA   (www.dailydollar.com)
Partnering with merchants to get your receipts sent straight to the cloud. Available when you want it, gone when you don't. It is time to lose the shoebox and stop the wallet receipt bulge. DailyDollar’s enterprise platform connects receipt data across existing merchant POS silos for use by both marketers and consumers.

Staging and Design Network - Web Services;  Kirkland WA  (www.StagingandDesignNetwork.com )
Online member based home furnishings network with some of the newest features available in the market for it's targeted members.

Shift Labs - Medical Devices; Seattle WA (www.shiftlabs.com)
Works with Makers and Hackers to build simple, inexpensive, human-centered devices that improve health and wellness in global markets.

Basic Athletic Measurement- Sports; Seattle, WA (www.bamtesting.net)
Standardized athletic testing with greater accuracy and objectivity than ever before. It's the SAT score for sports.

The Due Diligence Teams have been hard at work evaluating, coaching and talking with the companies that entered, and are really pleased with the quality of these finalists!

Register for the Event May 16th, and be there when the winner is announced!  Tickets on sale now at EventBrite.

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