Saturday, March 29, 2014

Angel Investing and Crowd funding options change - Three workshops

The opportunities for outside funding for startups has improved this
week, with Gov. Inslee signing HB2023, which provides for crowdfunding
washington state startups. While the Federal Jobs act has shifted the
rules for Angel Investing and provides an opportunity for
crowdfunding, the current process from the Feds does not seem provide a cost effective pathway. The opportunity for intrastate crowdfunding just became a reality.

While the rules and fees for the process still need to be defined by
DFI, there is a significant amount of discussion about the opportunities that have been created.

On April 3rd, the MIT Forum at will host a "Meet the Angels" panel. Nine of the Seattle based Angel Groups will have representatives on hand to talk about the Angel Investing Process.

On April 7th, a panel discussion of "Is Crowdfunding a viable funding option for your business" will be hosted. Look here for details:

On April 16th, TIE will host a panel on Crowdfunding at We Work, the new co-working space in town. Visit with Cyrus Habib from the 48th legislative district. He is the key sponsor of HB2023. Register at

Each of these events give you an opportunity to connect with people who are on the cutting edge of funding startups in our community.