Monday, July 7, 2014

Investing in a World with Few Exits -Workshop

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Workshop #1 for Seattle Angel Conference VI

Investing in a World with Few Exits

Exploring Revenue Based Financing for Angel Investors

David Bangs
Tuesday JULY 15, 6:00 pm 
Impact HUB Seattle

Many investment opportunities do not have clear "exits", where the founders sell their company, and investors make their return on their investment.  In this workshop, David Bangs will share the methods they are using as angel investors to invest in companies with no planned exit.  Learn about "revenue redemption of equity" as an alternative approach that keeps the company closely held, and provides investor returns.

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David Bangs: 

David Bangs is at Energy Friendly Ventures and is an active member of the Seattle Impact Investors Group. He is a board member of Element 8 ( formerly known as the NW Energy Angels) 
He has invested in over 5 different companies using a Revenue Redemption based Term sheet.

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