Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bob Crimmins to MC Seattle Angel Conference VI

Reprising his Role for the 4th Time

 Bob Crimmins returns to the Seattle Angel Conference as MC, bringing his insight and wit to the proceedings that will share the core business plans, and reveal the due diligence and investor questions about the 6 finalist businesses.

About Bob Crimmins:

Bob Crimmins is a lifelong technologist and serial entrepreneur. Bob has founded five investor-backed companies.  Bob is devoted to fostering a women/girl-friendly tech and startup environment and is a founding board member of Seattle Women in Tech. Closer to home, Bob is sharing the lessons of entrepreneurship with his 12-year-old daughters as they work together on WiseWalker.com, a pet product they invented.  Bob is also the chief instigator of the popular founder networking events, Founder to Founder and Startup Poker 2.0. While Bob talks a lot about business models, customer acquisition and team building these days, he is a geek at heart. He wrote his first computer program in BASIC on punch cards in 1978 when it was neither cool nor lucrative to be a teenage programmer. Bob teaches, coaches and mentors dozens of entrepreneurs and startups through his work with TechStars, Startup Weekend, TiE Young Entrepreneur Program, Women in Tech and as a formal advisor to a number of Northwest companies.

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