Friday, November 13, 2015

SAC VIII Finalists present on stage

The eighth Seattle Angel Conference will be held on November 18th at Hub Seattle. This is the culmination of 12 weeks of review, pitches, due diligence and coffee meetings. Over 60 companies applied to the program. We are happy to share with you the seven finalists who have been progressing through the program: 

Slope@GoSlope - Collaborative tool to improve the creation of visual content 
2Morrow@2MorrowInc - Quit Smoking mobile app for behavior change
GrowPlastics@GrowPlastics - Better bioplastics
6Crickets @6crickets - Summer camp scheduling made easier 
IXD@ixdco - Secure information delivery 
Camp Native@campnative - Organizing the worlds Campsites
Tenacity@tenacityhealth - Imrpoving staff retention at call centers

The Seattle Angel Conference works to grow stronger startups in the Northwest and to increase the number of active Angel Investors. The final event provides a view into the process of how Angel Investing works. This is a great opportunity for new startups considering taking outside money to learn about the Angel Investing process. It is also a great opportunity for people considering Angel Investing to learn about how others are engaging in the local startup ecosystem. 

Come join us on November 18th for the eighth Seattle Angel Conference -

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