Thursday, January 7, 2016

Seattle Angel Conference Angel Investing Workshops begin next week

The 9th round of the Seattle Angel Conference is underway. The beginning of the cycle is a collection of workshops aimed at helping everyone get on the same page around the Angel Investing process. These workshops lead up to the Application deadline of February 22nd, 2016.

Our goal with these workshops is to help Entrepreneurs and prospective Angel Investors understand the details and nuances of Angel investing, so that they are more likely to be successful when they participate in the process.

1/12/2016  Angel Investing 101
Speaker: Geoff Harris
An overview of the Angel Investing process

1/19/2016  Effective Pitches
Speaker: (panel) Elaine Werffeli, Geoff Harris, Kevin Conroy
Core ingredients to making your Investor pitch work

1/26/2016  Story Telling for Entrepreneurs
Speaker: Brad Cochrane
How to connect with Investors through Story Telling

2/2/2016  Term Sheets for Angels and Entrepreneurs
Speaker: Alex Modelski (Panel)Entrepreneur: Edwin Fu,, Investor: Eric Doebele)

2/9/2016  Reg A+
Speaker: Karr Tuttle
New regulations under Regulation A+ allow small private companies to make a mini-IPO

2/16/2016  Angel 201
Speaker: Josh Maher
Developing a successful Angel Investment Portfolio

Angel Investing 101
Geoff Harris
Effective Pitches
(panel) Elaine Werffeli, Geoff Harris, Kevin Conroy
Story Telling for Entrepreneurs
Brad Cochrane
Term Sheets for Angels and Entrepreneurs
Karr Tuttle - Alex Modelski. Panel (Alex, entreprenuer: Edwin Fu -, Investor: Eric Doebele)
Reg A+
Karr Tuttle
Angel 201
Josh Maher