Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The American Idol type calendar for entreprenuers in SAC

We have passed the application deadline for Seattle Angel Conference and we have a number of companies that have applied.

How will things flow between now and the final event?

Last night, we had the first of the Investor Meetings. We will continue meeting every tuesday until the final date. Here is an overview of what the meetings will look like:

DateMeeting Agenda
2/23/2016SAC Introduction
3/1/2016Select 24 Quarter finalists companies to pitch
3/8/20163min pitches, 3 min Q&A (12 companies)
3/15/20163min pitches, 3 min Q&A (12 companies)
3/22/2016Select 12 Semi Finalists companies to pitch 10 minutes
3/29/201610 min pitches, 10 min Q&A (6 companies)
4/5/201610 min pitches, 10 min Q&A (6 companies)
4/12/2016Select 6 finalist companies
4/19/2016Due Diligence Week 1
4/26/2016Due Diligence Week 2
5/3/2016Due Diligence Week 3
5/10/2016Due Diligence Week 4
5/11/2016Social & Rehearsal for Conference
5/12/2016Seattle Angel Conference IX

If a company is selected for the Quarterfinals, they should be prepared to do a 3 minute pitch and a 3 minute Q/A

If a company is selected for the Semi-Finals, they should be prepared to do a 10 minute pitch and a 10 minute Q/A

Companies that are selected into the Finals should expect a call from the Due Diligence Lead on or near April 12th, arranging meetings. You should expect to spend a couple of hours each week from then until the event connecting with the due diligence team members.

Your goal as a company is to connect with the Angel Investors and to build relationships and get to know who might be a champion for you. 

On the final event, all of your co-founders are invited. Expect to get a access code to get tickets for your cofounder teammates. 

All of the companies, regardless if they progress into the QuarterFinals are able to arrange a feedback session with one of the Angel investors and get a review of all the commentary from the reviewers. 

Our goal is to help you move forward with your startup. Let us know how we can best help you do that. 

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