Saturday, May 14, 2016

Enterprise Event planning from Hubb and Clean Water from Crystal Clear Technologies

Seattle Angel Conference IX Winner Hubb

Hubb Wins First Prize in Seattle Angel Conference IX Competition
Hubb was selected as the winner of the Seattle Angel Conference IX investment program, announced Thursday following the final round of presentations and judging.  Hubb will receive an investment of $155,000.
A second investment of $80,000 in Crystal Clear Technologies was also announced.
Hubb provides event planning software for the large Enterprise Event management process. With a strong workflow and collaborative support system, Hubb makes the process of managing 10,000 person events flow much more efficiently.
Crystal Clear Technologies provides a way for power plants to remove selenium from their waste water.  
The finale featured six companies that survived an American Idol style competition that began in February with 66 applicants.  Starting in mid-April, due diligence teams comprised of new and experience angel investors performed deep-dive reviews of the finalists to learn everything possible about the businesses. Each finalist presented to Seattle Angel and other attendees. The members of the LLC voted to determine the winner.
The other finalists in the running were Slope, Aquarium, Joy, and Prolaera.
To date, the Seattle Angel Conference has invested $1.8M in 19 startups and trained 190 first time angel investors.  Founder John Sechrest says there are still lots of qualified folks in King County who still don’t realize their opportunity to invest.  “The conference is helping to increase awareness and provide angel investors a unique chance to really understand which companies are ready for investments.  Every year the number and quality of companies vying to compete are getting stronger.”
The Seattle Angel Conference is a recurring Seattle Angel-driven event where the investors create an LLC, engage in due diligence of the applying startup companies, and ultimately pool funds to invest in one of the presenting finalists.
The application deadline for next round of Seattle Angel Conference X is on September 5th, 2016.
The next round of workshops will begin next week on May 17th. Workshops are listed on

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