Saturday, May 14, 2016

Why you might buy a ticket now for November

We just had a great Seattle Angel Conference IX, and I am setting up the widgets and frameworks for the next conference in the Fall. We do the Angel Conference twice a year.

In the Seattle Area, we have a significant number of people who wait for the very last minute to get a ticket. (It is crazy-making for event planners). Each cycle, we need to gather at least 50 companies and hopefully 40 angel investors to engage in the 12 week process that we use.

Now the tickets are now on sale for the next Angel Conference in November. Why would you want to get a ticket so very far in advance?

We use the ticket as the indicator of interest. It is a form of commitment. By indicating your interest in process, we can start connecting people to resources and workshops. We can start making introductions between investors and companies. And we can start the process of building the relationships which make the whole process go smoother.

To participate as a presenting company, we look for you to have updated your profile and that you bought a ticket.  

If you know of a company within 4 hours of Seattle, which would benefit from a detailed review of their company and a chance to participate in the process, please suggest that the join the process and get a ticket.

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