Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Building Better Ways to Live and Work Together

The burgeoning of entrepreneurship around the globe is just one exciting result of the disruptive arrival of the world wide web. The story is about much more than just a few unicorn success. The very term 'success' is becoming more nuanced, as founders define varying goals for their startups. As you launch and grow your company, getting a handle on the opportunities and challenges that await you will equip you for what is likely to be a much longer journey than you originally imagine. The people you work with, the choices you make along the way with forge the size, scope, and success of your company... and they will define you as a founder, a leader, and person. 

Join me for a deep dive into the world of entrepreneurship. The road ahead may be dark and rocky, but there are people ready to give you lights and maps along the way. And I promise you, a visit to the land at the far side of this trip is well worth your effort!

Gillian Muessig is the CEO of Outlines Venture Group, cofounder of both Moz (the world’s most popular search marketing software) and brettapproved (the fastest growing booking site for travelers with disabilities and mobility challenges). She is a cofounder of TiE WEN (TiE Women's Entrepreneurial Network) and a former tech advisor to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 

A frequent mentor and judge at startup events, Gillian has helped over 250 companies around the world to launch, grow, pivot and thrive. Her radio podcast, CEOcoach is heard every Monday by thousands of entrepreneurs around the world for more than nine years. Gillian consults privately with investors and founders and speaks worldwide on emerging markets and the impact of global trends on valuations and startup activity.