Friday, September 8, 2017

What does the timeline for a startup look like for @nwangelconf

On Sept 12th, we will review all the applying companies, stack rank them and then select the quarter finalists. We will also select a coffee ambassador for each company, so that there will be a coffee meeting with each quarter finalist. 

On Sept 19th and Sept 26th, we will hear 3 minute pitches (with slides) from the quarter finalists with a 3 minute Q+A for each company. And then we will select the Semi-Finalists

On October 3rd and October 10th, we will hear 10 minute pitches (with slides) from the semi-finalists with a 10 minute Q+A for each company. 

On October 17th, we will select the Finalists, constitute the due diligence teams and they will start researching each of the finalist companies, including site visits, company team reviews, customer reviews and financial reviews.  This will happen as possible between the due diligence teams and the companies. The investors will continue to meet each Tuesday until November 14th.

On November 14th, there will be a Mixer between all of the teams and all of the investors, so that any last minute details can be discussed and explored. 

On November 15th, the final event will take place. It is scheduled for 12:30 to 6:30. As a startup, please plan to be there early. If you are one of the finalists, the finalists will have a table space that they can put materials to talk to the audience about the company. 

All applying companies have already bought a ticket to the final event and will be able to bring members of their team. Please make sure to register all members who are coming, so we can plan on the event. We will send out complementary codes for all of the co-founders. 

You will want to keep your profile up to date and adjust it as you refine your thinking about your company, regardless of how far you get in this process.

In addition, all of the startups that have applied should get a debriefing meeting with one of the investors after they get out of the running. So every startup that applied should expect to have a sit-down with an investor. All of those should happen before the final event. 

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