Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Meet the SAC XIV Finalists

SAC XIV - November 14th, 2018
The 14th edition of Seattle Angel Conference is ahead of us, with six competitive companies ready to present
on stage. As we head into the final event, let’s review the process they've gone through, and of course, who
are they. At the end of the event, we will have selected the company(s) which will receive the investment
from the investor fund.
So many companies have tried but only 6 has made it to the finals. For a series of structured investor meetings
designed to let the group learn angel investing by doing angel investing, from beginning until the end. After
reviewing the company profiles, from 53 applying companies we are now down to 6. They've gone through
several rounds of pitches and Q&A to identify whether they are investable or not.
On the companies' side, it's been a big thing for them to prepare and get ready for the pitches and slide decks
that they need to do. In my observation, it was an interesting thing for each companies as they take the challenge
to participate, they don't just look for the presentation to be prepared at the right time, but they get that chance
to provide a complete and concise data, logistics and opportunity while positively addressing all the key ideas.
Boom Learning - Is creating a cloud-based platform for teachers to create interactive lessons including real-time
data and instant sharing and distribution. (Kirkland, WA)
Conquer Experience - It's a digital simulation company and has an award-winning training solution for operating
room nurses called PeriopSim. (Vancouver, BC)
DemandStar - Building a purchasing network for all businesses and governments. (Seattle, WA)
IDGenomics - Developing precision diagnostic tests to guide the best antibiotic choice before the patient leaves
the doctor’s office in less than 45 minutes. (Seattle, WA)
Medsforall - Creating an ampule auto-injector, resulting in affordable manufacturing, a streamlined regulatory
pathway, and the ability to replace expired drug. (Seattle, WA)
Plover - A revolutionizing the carwash industry with a one-minute, chemical-free automated car wash.
(Portland, OR)

Join us and witness the 6 Finalist as they presented on stage and let's explore the process of Angel Investing and
help build a stronger startup ecosystem.

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