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AI legal research and drafting to multiply the ability of attorneys to research and write in 80% less time; reduce legal mistakes and costs; Enterprise SaaS.

We are lucky to live in a society based on laws, but access to the law and compliance can get expensive for everyone, even Fortune 500 companies. In fact, Fortune 500 companies spend $315B, 2.3% of their total revenue on legal services. Much of this is spent on researching and writing legal documents—work that can and should be automated by the Advocat products.

The Advocat team has strong connections in the legal community. They have also been able to demonstrate that they can improve the time to complete the legal processes by 80% without any disruption in an attorney’s workflow pattern.

The Advocat team is the right group at the right time to solve the problem of generating legal documents and recommendations. With strong legal and technical skills and connections, the Advocat team is committed to running lean and hard in order to achieve their aggressive goals. The legal infrastructure is currently in place and machine learning will allow their products to grow with minimal outside effort.

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