Aghaz Investments

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Aghaz Investments is an online investment advisor for Muslims and Values-based customers to conveniently invest and save for their goals in a manner consistent with their beliefs. Whether your values include avoiding interest or supporting equal rights, you can invest without compromise with Aghaz Investments.

No other automated, online offering in the US provides a goal-based investment strategy for a values-based customer, starting from a Muslim investor and incrementally extending for a custom ESG-based values investor. This offering can further be expanded into a B2B for independent wealth managers, as well as globally in major Muslim market like EU/SE Asia. Islamic Wealth Management is a $1.8T market globally with 11% CAGR. US Muslim families hold $15B in investable assets and at least $13B in zero-interest checking accounts. Assuming 40,000 US customers at $5,000 average portfolio, Assets Under Management will be around $200M. The revenue, assuming our standard lowest-tier fee model of $5/user/month would translate to $2.4M/year.

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