Agtools Inc

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A worldwide food supply SaaS real-time intelligent platform for farmers and buyers to manage market volatility, increase profitability and reduce food waste

The Montoya family has been working to improve the lives of farmers and poor, rural people for generations. The Montoya father founded the first night school and university in Colombia for underserved adults from rural areas and the mother ran the businesses. More recently, 3 Montoya siblings have developed an ML/AI tool to scrape and clean data from multiple different sources that is turning the light on for the agricultural and food supply chain.

This tool is a game changer for 23 different industries: from farmers and distributors to banks and hedge funds. Current paying customers. While current paying customers are mostly farmers, others such as banks are beginning to reach out to request this product.

Agtools Inc is working with everyone from BlueBook to Microsoft Marketplace for sales. They are CPUC approved and are filing patents in the USA and worldwide for the results of their research. Very clear ability to deliver on (and beyond) milestones.

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