Final Winner: Abterra Biosciences Inc.

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Abterra Biosciences (formerly Digital Proteomics) is enabling the next-generation of antibody therapeutics.  We give our partners access to every relevant antibody to meet their project goals.

Humans mount lasting antibody responses to infectious diseases and cancer. Abterra Bio (formerly Digital Proteomics) uses next-generation sequencing, mass spectrometry, and machine learning to comprehensively map the antibody response, and rapidly identify better therapeutic antibodies.

Abterra Biosciences began life as Digital Proteomics LLC, a spin-out of the University of California – San Diego. Founders Pavel Pevzner and Vineet Bafna are professors in the Computer Science and Engineering Department and leading researchers in bioinformatics. Their expertise forms the algorithmic foundation upon which our products and services are built. Read more about our unique solutions and recent product news.

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