Field Notes

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FieldNotes has created an Ai assistant to make it possible to update and organize your sales process easily so that the sales person can focus on generating more sales

FieldNotes is a software company that leverages artificial intelligence to empower salespeople to focus on relationship-based selling and generate more sales. Our Ai platform uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to create a digital sales assistant persona that organizes your contacts, follows up with contacts and generate leads.  We currently serve real estate agents across the US and Canada.

FieldNotes is a subscription based software that realtors use to manage their sales process.  We offer 3 product offerings that range from $1K to $20K annually.  FieldNotes is reinventing the way sales people use the CRM by making it easy through texting or sending images to the Ai assistant.  Our vision is to simplify how people manage their sales opportunities and capture information in real time.  

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