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A peer to peer rental marketplace connecting adventure enthusiasts to rent out their equipment. "Like AirBnB, but for electric mobility equipment and more".

FriendWithA is a fully insured peer to peer rental marketplace. Connecting creative and adventure enthusiasts to rent out and share their equipment with their local community. Find everything from Onewheels, electric bikes, paddle boards, tools, generators, cameras, speakers, photo booths, bounce houses and more all available for rent. Backed by FriendWithA's insurance of up to $125,000 per piece of equipment and has some lenders already earning up to $1,000 a month. Next time you say, "I wish I had a friend with a..." visit

FriendWithA is a nationwide rental marketplace for individuals and businesses to connect and share equipment. FriendWithA takes a percentage out of each transaction for the service and insurance fee. FriendWithA is the largest online rental marketplace for Onewheels and targeting other rental categories next. The secret sauce is the ease of use of the product (signup to rental confirmation done typically in 5 minutes or less - and what some have called, "the easiest rental experience I've ever had") and FriendWithA's ability to capture 1 market at time.

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