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Neptune is changing seafood with healthy, sustainable fish jerky. Our award-winning products are innovative, traceable, and delicious.

Neptune is on a mission to Restore Mankind's Healthy Relationship with the Sea. We make healthy, sustainable fish jerky with the taste and texture of classic beef jerky, but more protein (20g per pack!), 560mg of omega-3 fatty acids, half the calories of beef jerky and no saturated fat. Offered in delicious flavors like Honey Lemon Ginger, Fiery Cajun, Cracked Pepper, and Smoked Sea Salt and Juniper, the jerky is gluten free, non-GMO, dairy free, all natural, and a good source of vitamins D & E and Selenium and is

What really sets the company apart, though, is our commitment to sustainability and changing the food system. Founded by a Stanford marine scientist passionate about the future of the ocean, we have built a model grounded in transparency, traceability, and reduction of food waste, while pushing the broader industry industry toward the change that is needed in seafood. We source premium-quality US West Coast rockfish that is underutilized due to seasonality, species, and filet size, and Wild Alaska Pollock from the #1 rated MSC certified fishery on the planet. Our fish is listed as “Best Choice” by Seafood Watch and is 100% traceable to clean, sustainable, US fisheries. You can even use Neptune's "Find My Fish" platform to trace every packet back to the fish, fisher, and fishery that they were caught.

For two consecutive years, US Seafood consumption has been increasing by the greatest margin in decades. Consumers acknowledge the positive health benefits of seafood and, in fact, 1 in 5 (65M) desire more in their diets, but report inconvenience and a lack of confidence to responsibly purchase and properly cook fish as barriers. This is part of the reason that 80-90% of Americans still do not meet dietary suggestions for seafood consumption. Neptune is a solution to these pain points and aspires to be the flagship brand for healthy seafood snacks, while creating a healthy, sustainable, and delicious future—for you, for me, and for the sea.

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