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Steamchain Corp is a Fin-Tech company that simplifies global B2B payments in the multi-trillion dollar shipping and logistics industries. Our patent pending solution dramatically reduces the high cost of currency conversion in a low margin industry. Our secure platform allows clients to create smart contracts with a programable payment method in the fiat currency of their choice.  We have onboarded multiple billion dollar clients and are actively ramping our revenue.

  1. Steamchain has created a platform that reduces friction and costs in the transportation, supply-chain, and logistics industries, using Smart Contracts designed and programmed especially for the purpose of disintermediating costly international payment processes. Steamchain’s plan targets numerous sectors including the ocean shipping sector which knows the value of standardization: the universal adoption of containerization has reduced the cost of loading and unloading ships 97% in the past 50 years! Standardizing on a single global currency payment method designed especially for global trade will make a significant positive impact on global trade equal to containerization, for a number of reasons:

Dramatic reduction of expensive currency conversion costs. Shipping carriers today report that currency conversion cost of 5+% is a major factor reducing their bottom line.
Currency fluctuations. FX risk is another factor that reduces the bottom line.
Currency stabilization tied to the needs of the shipping/logistics market. Steamchain’s currency payment system retains a defined and agreed upon value pegged to the USD and guaranteed by deposited USD for specific transactions.

Distributed ledger platform for smart contracts. Since the WTL is a programmable method of making payments it will provide an ideal foundation for the next generation of transparent, intelligent and largely autonomous contracting.
Greater cyber security: In an era when companies have suffered serious and costly cyber- attacks, Steamchain is committed to a “Security by Design” model from day one; we will go to market as one of the safest and most secure methods of transferring currencies in the world.

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