What is the Seattle Angel Conference?

The Seattle Angel Conference is a recurring Seattle Angel-driven event where the investors create an LLC, engage in due diligence of the applying startup companies, and ultimately pool funds to invest in one of the presenting finalists. The Seattle Angel Conference is the primary method Seattle Angel uses to find and fund new startups. The Seattle Angel Conference is open to any member of the community interested in learning more about both starting and investing in a new business and to hear the investment pitches from the finalists.

This program has been running since 2012. We are pleased to say that in 10 years we have educated 434 investors, touched 1,198 startups, 24 Winners and 39 Companies Funded in the amount of $4.6M. SAC originally started in this format from a series of Angel Conferences in Oregon, including Angel Oregon, Bend Venture Conference and the Willamette Angel Conference. It has inspired Angel Conferences in San Diego, Alaska and Kelowna, British Columbia.

Seattle Angel Conference in 60 Seconds:

Seattle Angel Conference 20 - November 17, 2021

The Conference is the culmination of many months of due diligence, review, evaluation, and selection by the investors of Seattle Angel. The Conference is the opportunity for the finalists to make their best pitch for why their company deserves the investment. Anyone interested is welcome to attend the event.

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The Conference Process

The Seattle Angel Conference process runs approximately 2 months from the time we finish accepting new entrepreneur applicants to the actual day of the Conference and the awarding of the investment to one finalist.

Any entrepreneur or company with a great idea for a new startup business can apply to the upcoming Seattle Angel Conference.

The Angel Conference is virtual on several platforms--primarily ZOOM. The Angel conference has three main phases.

First, Education: We hold workshops which address some of the basic issues around Angel Investing. These workshops are for both founders and those interested in angel investing in the region. Find details about the workshops and register on Meetup:  http://meetup.com/Seattle-Angel

Secondly, Company Evaluation. After the initial education workshop phase, the investors gather with the applying companies and work to select the companies they want to explore further. This follows an American Idol style process. We typically get 50 companies that apply. We read the company profiles, talk with founders, listen to 1 minute pitches, and select 24 Quarter Finalists. Then we hear 3 minute pitches and have a little bit of Q+A, to select the 12 Semi-Finalists. After 10 minute pitches, we select the 6 Finalists.

The third phase is to conduct due diligence on each of these Finalist companies, exploring their Team, their financial discipline and their market engagement. All of the investors are divided into teams, which then explore the companies in detail. At the end of this process, we hold a large "Demo Day" style event, where the investors decide which among the Finalist companies they will invest in with the fund that was raised.

We typically have 30-40 investors, with a $6000 contribution to a common Fund. That fund is held in an LLC.

The winner of the Seattle Angel Conference is publicly presented at the closing of the event with a check for the full investment of the Investors LLC.