Are you working on a startup and interested in potentially getting funded by investors? Are you open to the process of having a due diligence team work with you to explore your company? Submissions are now open for the Seattle Angel Conference.

The first step in the process is to register for the conference as a company applying to the conference.
After that, you will be sent information about the next step.

You are able to register at: XXXX

The application process will include uploading information about your company to the gust.com website. In a series of reviews, the applying companies will be reviewed and progressively selected into the next round. Our goal is to have six investment worthy companies presenting at the conference on May 31st.

Over the 8 weeks of due diligence, we will be asking some companies to present pitches, or to provide more detailed information or to engage in meetings.

Please register early, so we can send you instructions about uploading information for the first due diligence meeting in mid October. 

All of the companies that apply will be listed in the event booklet and will be able to attend the event. They will get get feedback on their idea and will be connected to resources to help move them forward.

We are expecting to use the Convertible Note Term Sheet as the basis of the investment in the winning company. Please understand this Term Sheet.

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