The Angel Investment conferences are an opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors to connect. The unique feature of the Oregon style Investment conferences is the formation of an Investor LLC. The investors in this LLC work together to explore the companies applying to the conference, they perform the due diligence and in the end, they decide on awarding an investment. This model was pioneered by the Oregon Entrepreneur Network ( ).

The process consists of gathering a group of investors who will work together to evaluate and select companies for the process. This group of investors will join an LLC which will make the investment as a part of the conference process.  One goal of the process is to create a simple learning process for everyone involved. The basis of the investment is an Convertible Note Term Sheet.  The expectation is that the teams applying are expecting to accept this as the terms of the investment.  A second group of companies will apply to present.

During the 8 weeks leading up to a grand gala event these groups will go through a set of exercises together:
  • The potential Investors will learn all about angel investing as they work to filter the startups, including:
    • Deal flow
    • Due Diligence
    • Term Sheets
  • Investors will learn more about other investors in the area
  • The process will be a group process, bringing a wide range of skills to due diligence
  • The startups will gain mentorship and visibility
  • The startups will gain feedback about their business plans

If you are an SEC Qualified investor and you are interested learning more about these kinds of conferences, please drop us a note or fill out this survey:

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