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It was a hard decision, but we have gone from 81 amazing companies down to the 6 finalists for SAC 19.

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SAC 19 Finalists

It was a hard decision, but we have gone from 81 amazing companies down to the 6 finalists for SAC 19.

We now begin 4 weeks of in-depth due diligence on each of these companies to choose 1 company to invest in for SAC 19. Join us to see the final process on May 12th HERE:



Cozera provides user-controlled verified digital identity for remote & in-person identity verification to improve user experience, protect privacy, deter fraud, save time and money.

Cozera provides a service for companies that produces a unique digital identity credential–id-go.

Cozera works closely with partners to be their innovation leaders providing necessary technology processes, service and support.

Learn more about Cozera HERE: 

Founder is Abrar Ahmed: 

Neupeak Robotics

AI enabled autonomous robots addressing fruit harvesting challenges

Neupeak has developed Autonomous robots that operate 3X human pickers’ efficiency when compared side by side (including costs, speed, operating hours and conditions). Our current model involves selling a fruit picking service to the farmers. We will be competitive with human pickers by charging $0.35 for every pound of strawberries we pick, which directly translates to a total market of $3B/Yr in North America alone.

Neupeak is designed to save farmers money by charging a fixed rate per pound of strawberries collected, at a rate competitive with traditional labour. Our robots are designed to work safely among humans, so they can be incorporated into any farm's operations as seamlessly as possible. 

Learn more about Neupeak HERE:

Founder is Anshul Porwal: 


Rubitection’s skin health and care management tool provides reliable early assessment, and care management of dermatological and vascular conditions like bedsores.

Rubitection empowers caregivers to prevent deadly wounds with a low cost skin health assessment and care management tool. Our initial target is deadly bedsores. We address this $11 billion healthcare problem by providing a low cost reliable early detection system. A low risk FDA pathway allows a quick path to a $4.2 billion US market.

Learn more about Rubitection HERE:

Founder is Sanna Gaspard, PhD:

Digital Proteomics LLC

Digital Proteomics mines the immune response of patients to discover better antibody therapeutics for infectious diseases and cancer.

Digital Proteomics is harnessing the power of the immune system to develop the next generation of antibody therapeutics. Our antibody discovery technology, Alicanto, creates a comprehensive map of the antibody response to infectious diseases and cancer and identifies therapeutic candidates optimized by the human immune system. We partner with pharmaceutical companies to provide antibody discovery services by mining the antibodies produced by real patients.

Learn more about Digital Proteomics HERE:

Founder is Natalie Castellana: 

Votegrity Inc

Votegrity brings the ballot box to the voter with end-to-end verification.

Votegrity helps its customers run better elections. We deliver state of the art online election services enabling organizations to conduct their elections more efficiently and cost effectively, while increasing voter participation, confidence, and satisfaction. Our Election Success Experts can help your organization enjoy the benefits of moving your voting process online while removing wasted paper and postage.

Learn more about Votegrity HERE:

Founder is Tom Thomas:


Pictory is the AI that helps marketers say more with less.

The #1 challenge for social media marketers today is constantly creating fresh and engaging short-form content. Meanwhile, their companies are sitting on mountains of long-form content, blogs, webinars, or podcasts. Pictory uses AI to produce a month of multimedia social content out of a single blog post, webinar, or podcast in minutes. With over 1000 users and several dozen paying customers, we are seeing early signals of a product-market fit.

Pictory uses the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to allow anyone to create or edit videos on-demand.

Learn more about Pictory HERE:

Founder is Vikram Chalana:

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