Intentionalist - Mikaela interviews Laura Clise

Mikaela Interview Laura Clise from Intentionalist.

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Laura never thought she would become an entrepreneur, but could not resist the draw when she saw the possibility to have a huge impact by helping brick and mortar businesses. Her company Intentionalist helps Main Street businesses thrive by reminding us that "where we spend matters, because people matter." Intentionalist helps consumers find and support businesses that are owned and operated by people from diverse communities. When you talk to Laura, her passion for building community and growing the local economy is evident.

Mikaela is a Founder/CEO and executive coach. In 2015, she founded Reverb, to help companies create healthy, inclusive cultures that scale. Last year, Reverb was named as the second fastest growing company in the state by PSBJ. Before Reverb, Mikaela held HR leadership roles at several Northwest companies. She enjoys being part of the Seattle startup community, where she gets to work with mission driven leaders. Her book Female Firebrands: Stories and Techniques to Ignite Change, Take Control, and Succeed in the Workplace was released in January 2020.

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