SAC 19 Semi Finalists

We’re down to the 12 Semi Finalists. Really tough competition -- great work everybody! The final phase of SAC 19 will be on April 6 when we vote on the 6 finalists.

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SAC 2019 Semi Finalists

We’re down to the 12 Semi Finalists. Really tough competition -- great work everybody!

The final phase of SAC 19 will be on April 6 when we vote on the 6 finalists.


Cozera provides user-controlled verified digital identity for remote & in-person identity verification to improve user experience, protect privacy, deter fraud, save time and money.

Learn more about Cozera HERE: 

Founder is Abrar Ahmed: 

Neupeak Robotics

AI enabled autonomous robots addressing fruit harvesting challenges

Learn more about Neupeak HERE:

Founder is Anshul Porwal: 


We manage electric vehicle charging, so drivers charge with clean power more cheaply, and electric utilities avoid building new power plants.

Learn more about FlexCharging HERE:

Founder is Brian Grunkemeyer: 

SaaSMAX Corp.

PartnerOptimizer is the game-changing partner discovery engine for B2B technology companies who go-to-market through reseller channel partners.

Learn more about SaaSMAX HERE:

Founder is Dina Moskowitz:

Your digital estate, made easy.

Learn more about Easeenet HERE:

Founder is Erin McCune:


Our skin health and care management tool provides reliable early assessment, and care management of dermatological and vascular conditions like bedsores.

Learn more about Rubitection HERE:

Founder is Sanna Gaspard, PhD:


A bio agtech solution empowering crop producers to make microbially-enhanced biofertilizers from biodiesel, while farming, eliminating synthetic fertilizers.

Learn more about Acterra HERE:


Founder is Marnie Lett: 

Digital Proteomics LLC

Digital Proteomics mines the immune response of patients to discover better antibody therapeutics for infectious diseases and cancer.

Learn more about Digital Proteomics HERE:

Founder is Natalie Castellana: 

ControlMap Inc.

ControlMap helps companies WIN MORE DEALS & GARNER MORE TRUST by automating and accelerating their path to cybersecurity compliance & audit readiness.

Learn more about ControlMap HERE:

Founder is Pallav Tandon: 


Flyte is an AI based note-taking platform that generates well-organized meeting minutes and action items right after a call.

Learn more about Flyte HERE:

Founder is Shilpa Sharma:

Votegrity Inc

Votegrity brings the ballot box to the voter with end-to-end verification.

Learn more about Votegrity HERE:

Founder is Tom Thomas:


Pictory is the AI that helps marketers say more with less.

Learn more about Pictory HERE:

Founder is Vikram Chalana:

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After several rounds of review, pitches, and evaluation, the 45 investors in SAC 17 have selected the six finalists for Seattle Angel Conference.

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Startup-People of Seattle: Edward Un (Business Angel)

The blog-series “Startup People of Seattle” introduces some of the key personas in the ecosystem to learn more about what they are doing, to share their thoughts and ideas, and to promote networking. Edward Un is working as Senior Program Manager, Cloud + AI Speech & Language, at Microsoft. In his free time, he is involved in Angel Investing.

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