SAC 20 Finalist Companies

These 5 Startups are getting good traction and are presenting at the SAC 20 Final Demo Day November 17. Come and cheer them on.

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BrainSpace - Caitlin Morse and team are simplifying critical care after stroke, trauma or surgery by providing nurses & doctors with better tools to protect the brain and help it heal.

Curie- Michael A. Agustin and team are focused on improving the online shopping experience. First impressions are everything to your brand. The #1 reason customers visit brick and mortar is to see products in real life. With Curie Vision, easily turn your product photos into quality models and add them into your Shopify store.

EarthUP - Stephen Bay and team are working to bring forward ESG and sustainability.Companies can sign up for a free trial at

PetHub, INc. - Lorien Clemens are helping parents protect, share and nurture their family pet by offering a suite of lost pet recovery tools for pet parents. 96% of PetHub recovered pets are home within 24 hours of going missing.

Violett - Branden Doyle and team are creating safe spaces to breathe using proprietary technology that kills germs in the air 50x more effectively than current comparable products.

Surgical Training in the Time of Covid from Conquer Experience

Julie Interviews Angela Roberts from Conquer Experience about SAC Experience

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Tips for Virtual meetings and Conferences by Jim Benson

Jim Benson from Modus Institute comments on how to get the most from online conferences.

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Understanding Investing in Health Startups

Angels play a key role in funding early health and life sciences startups, particularly where non-diluted grant funds do not allow payment for business development. Apis Health Angels is a mini MBA in health investing and company due diligence. Investors can learn to ask the right questions and not accept at face value company responses. Please contact to learn more.

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